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February 9, 2022 Update:

As of today the Restriction Exemption program has been dropped as of the Government of Alberta. As as result of this, you are no longer required to be vaccinated to access the club. We still ask that if you're sick that you stay home until your symptoms have resolved. We are more than happy to place a short-term hold on your membership until you're feeling better.

Excited to be all together again.

September 17th, 2021 Update:

We understand the physical and mental health benefits that Lethbridge Fitness Club provides for its patrons. With that, we know how detrimental a fourth gym shutdown would be. After careful consideration of the new Government Health Orders, we will remain open with the implementation of a Restriction Exemption Program (REP). Members will be required to provide proof of vaccination or negative covid test result upon entry. Individuals with medical exemptions must provide the appropriate documentation as well.

Classes will be continuing as normal for vaccinated members and members with negative test results. For individuals that will no longer be able to attend classes we would like to know if you would be interested in a LIVE stream option, please email the gym.

We continue to work toward the health and safety of our members and employees. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these difficult times. Stay well.  


July 1, 2021 Update:

AS per Alberta Government Restrictions being dropped along with City of Lethbridge Bylaws.

- Masks will be optional, if you feel more comfortable wearing one please continue to do so.

- Keytag check-in and hand sanitization will be required at the front desk.

-COVID screening will remain in place, please continue to stay home from the gym if you're feeling unwell in anyway.

- We will continue to be cleaning the gym to the same standard as we have throughout this whole pandemic and ask that you also continue to clean your equipment after use.

- July class schedule will be offering more classes, these will remain by appt only, to control class size.

June 10, 2021 Update:


We have been given the go ahead to reopen our gym!

We will be running on a capacity style system. This requires no booking but we will be following COVID protocol and monitoring the number of members in the gym to maintain 3m distance between members.  

Masks will be required while in the facility, between sets of exercise and while moving around the facility, Mask WILL NOT be required during high intensity classes or sets of exercise.

Indoor classes will start Monday, June 14th, you must be pre-registered through the front desk or ICL as spaces are limited. 

All memberships will be restarted starting June 10th, returning to your original payment schedule. Paid in full memberships will have a 9 week extension added to their expiry date for the time that we were closed. We will be returning to our original freeze policy which requires a doctors note or a $50 fee to freeze for up to 6 months. Any questions about memberships, please email us at

June 2021 Update:

In coordination with the Government of Alberta "Open for Summer" Plan, we are restarting outdoor classes and personal training as of Tuesday, June 1st. The schedule will be planned and posted weekly due to being weather dependent. Pre-registration is required, due to these classes having a strict capacity of 10 people. 

Once more information is posted about Phase 2 we will update on the reopening of indoor fitness. This is tentatively scheduled for the middle of June! 

May 2021 Update:

Currently CLOSED for all amenities due to COVID-19 Government restrictions. 

April 2021 Update:

We have been moved back to Stage 1 of the reopening plan by the Government of Alberta. What does this mean?


This means that the gym WILL NOT be open for general use and your memberships will be placed on hold. In the same manner as we did during the last two closures.  


We are trying our best to offer as many ways as possible to support our LethFit family during this time and hope you can continue to support us!  Below you will see everything we are offering:


1. Personal Training.

  • Our team of 4 certified personal trainers have the availability and ability to help you not only stay active but work towards those gym goals you have been putting off for so long. If you are interested in personal training, please contact us at 403-320-1781

    2. Active Supervision.

  • Three of our trainers are available to take on new clients for Active Supervision. Active Supervision involves you coming to the gym for a 1-hour session and providing your own workout. While one of our certified trainers provides active feedback on movements done, form adjustments, tips and pointers.

    3. ZOOM Classes.

  • We will be offering 3 packages for ZOOM classes. More information about these will be on our social media pages and website. To sign-up, please use the link through our website. Or call 403-320-1781.

    4. At Home Workout Programming

  • Do you have equipment at home, but do not want to plan your own workouts? Programming is a great option for this. Join Mandy for the Consistency Builder or Body Experiment more information about these programs is available on our social media pages. This can start any day that suits you and runs for 30 days.

    5. Pop-Up Outdoor Classes

  • Government regulations allow us to run outdoor classes in groups of 9 people in our outdoor space. These classes will be weather dependent and on a drop-in basis. Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages to know when they will be. First come first serve.


6. Spring BINGO

  • Get outside and participate in our FREE spring social media challenge for a chance to win LethFit swag! Why not use the great weather to our advantage and stay active outside? More information on our social media pages!

    7. Just Wanna Grind Workout BINGO

  • This is another FREE challenge COMING SOON to our social media. Complete all the workouts on the grid to be entered to win LethFit swag! No excuses to not workout when they are provided for you! Stay tuned for all the workout fun!

    Walking Group

  • Join Mandy for socially distanced COVID safe walks around Lethbridge. Free for everybody to join, what better way to do your cardio than with your gym friends. Days and times will be posted to social media!


Booster Juice and Tanning will remain open 11am-7pm, April 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th & 13th. We would greatly appreciate any support you can give us with Booster Juice and Tanning during these challenging times. We will be doing a tanning promotion for 30% off of all minute packages for Lethbridge Fitness Club members. If we can stay busy enough during these 5 days, this will allow us to continue offering these services!

March 2021 Update:


Starting March 3rd, 2021, we will be open for lightweight/low intensity workouts by appointment only starting at 5am. To book your workout appointment please call 403-320-1781.


Beginning tomorrow, March 3rd, all regular memberships will be starting back up. All paid in full memberships will be extended for the duration of time that we were closed (11 weeks). Additionally, all memberships that were on monthly or bi-weekly payments will be re-activated. If you would not like your membership to be re-activated as you are not ready to return to the gym, please send an email to to continue your membership freeze free of charge for up to another 4 weeks.  


We will be requiring booked appointments for gym use as per government regulations. The appointments will be 1 hour and 15 minutes long for main gym use. As per government regulations this will be for LOW INTENSITY workouts only. You are able to book up to 2 days in advance by calling the front desk. Low intensity classes will be starting up as of Monday, March 8th, 2021. Please watch our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) for more information on class schedules, kidz klub, tanning and Booster Juice reopening.



  • Working out by yourself. (3m space between members)

  • Light Weightlifting.

  • Low intensity use of cardio equipment.

  • Using weights and strength machines.

  • Body weight low intensity exercises.

  • 3m distanced cardio in the outdoor area.


  • HIigh Intensity use of cardio machines ( Sprinting etc)

  • High Intensity Workouts (Plyometrics)

  • Circuits

  • Powerlifting/Heavy Weightlifting

  • Partner/Buddy Workouts.

  • High exertion of energy on the gym floor.


  • Screening everybody upon entry.

  • Staff monitored gym use.

  • Staff cleaning & member cleaning of all equipment.

  • 15 minute cleaning closure between time slots.

  • Not allowing sick or unhealthy members to use the facility.

  • MANDATORY masking AT ALL TIMES. Including during your workout.

  • Hand sanitizer stations must be utilized pre, during and post workout.

Available Time Slots:

- Call to book up to 2 days in advance.

Sat & Sun


Mon - Fri






February 2021 Update:

- As of February 8th, 2020 the Government of Alberta permitted indoor fitness facilities (gyms) to open for 1 on 1 training only. At this time memberships will still remain on hold until we can offer more services for our members. If you are already a personal training client, you can reach out to your trainer to set-up your 1 hour one on one session. If you are interested in personal training, please call or email the gym. At this time we will also be offering Active Supervision, please contact the gym to find more information on this option.

- Some at home options we are offering:

  • XYZ Workout of the Day - Programmed workouts with accountability from Mandy. This comes with the option of renting weights. $25/month

  • Virtual Class Passes - Includes 2 ZOOM classes/week of your choice with our awesome instructors. Head over the to VIRTUAL CLASSES tab to see more information about this option.

December 2020 Update:

- As of December 13th, 2020 the Government of Alberta closed all fitness facilities for an estimated 4 weeks. Due the gym closing again anyone with a PAID IN FULL membership will have the closure time added to the end of their membership term. Anybody on a monthly payment plan will have all payments frozen until time of reopening.

- We know this is a difficult time of year for everyone and we are doing our best to provide home workout options. There will be FREE daily ZOOM workout classes Monday - Friday and Mandy will be doing daily workout of the day videos which will be posted on our social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram) 

- Equipment Rentals: FOR MEMBERS ONLY 

During this time we will be offering limited items for rental including Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Pre-loaded barbells and Pre-loaded ez-bars. 

- Each member will have the opportunity to rent 2 pieces of equipment for a $50 monthly fee.

Example: 1 set of dumbbells and 1 kettlebell

1 kettlebell and 1 barbell 

1 set of dumbbells and 1 ez-bar

November 2020 Update:

-Due to current updated Government of Alberta updates, GROUP FITNESS CLASSES  will be CANCELLED from November 13, 2020 to November 27, 2020. Regular gym use and kids club will remain the same at this time. Please watch our social media pages for virtual class options!

August 2020 Update:

Lethbridge Fitness Club Community,


We have decided to move forward to the next phase of our reopening plan, beginning on Monday August 17th, 2020. This means we will be utilizing a capacity style system in the gym. We will be allowing a maximum number of members in the gym at any given time, and all will be given a maximum of 2 hours to workout. We will continue to keep the same cleaning guidelines and practices, so we ask that you all continue to diligently clean your equipment before and after use. Below are the following guidelines:


-All individuals must check-in at the front desk upon arrival. They will be given a maximum check-out time, but they are free to leave at any time during their given workout period.

-All individuals must also check-out upon exiting the facility, so we are able to accurately monitor everyone in the gym.

-If an individual goes over their allotted 2 hours in the gym, they will politely be asked to vacate the facility, so we are able to let other members use the facility. If individuals refuse to vacate the facility, they risk the termination of their membership.

-Members must clean their equipment before and after use and continue to practice social distancing in the gym. If a member is not cleaning their equipment, they will be reminded to do so. If there is refusal, they will be asked to leave the facility.

-We may have to close the facility periodically during operating hours in order to do extra maintenance or cleaning. These times will be posted to members beforehand and the times will be chosen at our discretion.

-Members must continue to avoid our facility if they are feeling unwell and should refer to our previous guidelines in regard to isolation if they are feeling unwell.

-Members must continue to limit the use of personal items on the gym floor. Change rooms are open for use, but we ask that personal items remain in the change rooms.


Re-opening Information June 2020


POSTED JUNE 10, 2020


Lethbridge Fitness Club is excited to announce our reopening on June 12, 2020. Outlined below are our conditions of reopening and what we are doing to ensure safety throughout this process. We understand that these new conditions are not ideal for everyone but ask that you bear with us as the safety of guests and members is our priority. Please read the following information thoroughly and contact the gym if you have any questions.

Starting Friday, June 12, we will be open from 8am to 7:30pm every day. We will reassess on Sunday, June 14, to possibly extend hours next week. Seventy five minute time slots will be available for booking, with a fifteen minute closure period between each session to ensure we can properly disinfect the gym and prepare for the next group. Booking will be available starting June 11, from 8am to 8pm. You are permitted to book up to three days in advance. We are limiting each patron to one sixty-minute time slot per day and each time slot has a capacity of 20 people. You will be asked to leave at the end of the allotted period no matter what time you arrive during that hour. The gym floor, cardio room, and outdoor space are available for use. The rest of the facility, including Kidz Klub, upstairs access, tanning, classes, bootcamp, Booster Juice, and water fountains, will not be accessible. Keep in mind some equipment may not be available based on our safety regulations.


What we are doing:

  • Frequent hand washing and masks worn by all staff

  • Physical distancing of 2 meters minimum observed at all times, markers will be placed on the floor to direct traffic

  • Daily screening routine for everyone entering the gym, including staff

  • Frequent cleaning throughout the day. We have implemented a cleaning checklist that will be completed every hour.

  • Spacing between equipment, some machines will be unavailable

  • Touchless payment options

  • All voicemails will be returned within three (3) business days. If you are calling to book a time slot please try calling back instead of leaving a message.


What we are asking of you:

  • Please observe all AHS recommendations for safety protocol. Keep at least 2m between yourself and others at all times.

  • You MUST sign up for a time period in advance by calling the gym. If you do not do this, you will not be permitted to come in.

  • Please do not come in more than five minutes before your session as the doors will be locked.

  • Please line up outside the front door of the facility, maintaining a distance of 2m between yourself and others standing in line. A staff member will check you in when you are permitted to enter.

  • Please use paper towel and disinfectant spray bottles located around the facility to clean equipment after use.

  • Please come dressed in gym attire. Water bottles are permitted, but we ask that you leave all other personal belongings/equipment at home or in your vehicle.

  • Changerooms can be used for washrooms only. Any personal items left in the changeroom during your workout will be removed from the facility.

Pricing and Payment Options:

We understand that many people will not be comfortable coming back to the facility yet. For this reason, membership payments will not be resuming right away. As well, we know that not all amenities are currently available.  Regular membership payments will resume July 1st, we will keep you updated on what is available for use at that time. For members on paid in full annual memberships, your membership expiration date will be extended by 105 days (March18-June30), therefor you will still need to purchase a June 2020 pass. Payments made in June 2020 will not count towards your regular membership payments once they resume.

For an 18-day payment, you will be able to pay at the gym, online (below), or over the phone by credit card. For a drop-in session, you can pay in person or over the phone. Please note: if you are paying online you will still be required to call in advance to book your time slot.

A member rate will be available for anyone who had an active membership as of March 2020.

If you would like to purchase a new membership, please call the front desk before coming in.

No shows:

  • No refunds will be given for anyone who has paid in advance and does not show up for their time slot.

  • If you have not paid in advance and do not show up for your allotted time slot, Lethbridge Fitness Club reserves the right to deny any future requests. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Member payment options:

One-Day Drop In: $15 PIF

June Payment: $20 PIF

Non-member payment options:

One-Day Drop In: $15 PIF

June Payment: $35 PIF


Response Plan

  • We are taking the following control measures in response to COVID-19:

  • If a case or outbreak is reported, Lethbridge Fitness management reserves the authority to modify or cancel services. 

  • If a staff member or gym attendee reports that they are suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 and have been in the facility, the gym will implement enhanced cleaning measures. Anyone currently in the facility will be asked to leave and individuals who have been in the facility will be advised to:

  • Self-isolate

  • Monitor symptoms daily and consult the COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool available on the AHS website to help determine if further assessment is required.

  • Call 8-1-1 for health advice and 9-1-1 for emergencies

  • In the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 related to the gym, Lethbridge Fitness management will immediately report this to a medical health officer at Alberta Health Services.

  • If Lethbridge Fitness Club is contacted by a medical health officer in the course of contact tracing, all individuals associated with the gym are expected to cooperate with health authorities.

  • Along with these procedures, Lethbridge Fitness Club is taking measures to follow all guidelines and precautions from the Government of Alberta. We encourage staff and patrons to refer to the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services websites for more information.

Available Time Slots:

Sat & Sun


Mon - Fri





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