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What is the Bod Pod?

The Bod Pod is a scientifically proven air displacement test that will accurately determine body composition and body fat percentage. A full test requires 10-15 minutes and provides highly specific and accurate results for each participant.


In addition to body composition, the Bod Pod will determine the following:

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) - the minimum caloric intake required to maintain your weight at rest. Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) - the estimated caloric intake required to maintain current weight based upon daily activity level.

Thoracic Gas Volume - the lung capacity of the participant

How Can The Bod Pod Help Me?

Body composition is one of the best indicators of overall health. The feedback you receive will help to measure the success of your training and nutrition regime and will monitor for obesity; a risk factor for major diseases.


When working alongside the Lethbridge Fitness Club team, we can utilize your Bod Pod results to design the best programs to reach your goals. By getting your body composition tested, you can fine tune your approach to your current fitness routine or see how you can best reach your goals.

How Accurate Is The Bod Pod?

The Bod Pod uses air displacement technology and is considered to be the gold standard of body composition measurement. It is as accurate as hydrostatic (underwater) weighing but quicker and easier to perform. The range of error for this test is +/- 1%

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How Do I Prepare For My Bod Pod?

To have the best possible results please follow these instructions before your appointment:

 - No food, drinks or exercise 3 hours prior.

 - Do not apply any lotions or skin creams prior.

 - Remove glasses and jewelry (when possible)

 - Wear minimal form fitting clothing.

Men should wear think fabric shorts, lycra/spandex swimsuit or single layer compression shorts Women should wear lycra/spandex swimsuit or bike style shorts and sports bra. Form fitting leggings are also acceptable.


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