Category: Strength

A challenging yet low impact class that tones your entire body with moves inspired by ballet & Pilates. It improves posture & balance combining barre & floor work using small weights, bands, and balls. 

Bodyweight Sweat Sesh

Get your cardio on, by using bodyweight only moves to create intensity through drills and challenges.


Butts and Guts

Category: Strength

Make use of weights, balls, and gliders to tone & tighten the booty and abs.


​Compound Killer

Use full body movements, this is your efficient, head to toe strength training killer workout.


Category: Cardio

Crank it up with this unbeatable all-levels workout. Optimize cardiovascular fitness & calorie burn with hills, sprints, power drills & much more.

Cycle & Barre

Start with a 30-minute cycle class followed by 30 minutes of Barre.

Full Body Circuit

Category: Strength + Cardio

Maximize your time-do it all.

Hatha Yoga 

Relax, stretch & breathe deeply in this all levels class. Enjoy taking time for yourself & learning basic yoga stretches that address everyday discomfort. 

​HIGH Fitness

Category: Cardio

Aerobics meets HIIT training for total body work.


High Intensity Training. This all-levels class utilizes resistance training and short bouts of rest. 

Hot Power Yoga

The room is heated to 30 degrees. Prepare to sweat, strengthen & lengthen your muscles. 

Lower Body H.I.I.T

Category: Strength + Cardio

Lower body focus interval style class.


Work on your strength and cardio conditioning during this full body workout. Indoor/outdoor class. 


​A full-body cardio jam session, combining easy-to-follow cardio moves with strength training and drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics, and yoga-based poses. 

Roll & Release

​Designed for everyone, even the non-yogi. Through the use of foam rollers, balls, and bands, this class is designed to aid in recovery and free fascia to create a moveable body. 



Category: Strength

Body building style workout of strategic rep schemes.


Category: Strength + Cardio

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Stamina and strength at its most challenging.


Category: Strength + Cardio


Alternating strength and spin, best of both worlds!


Category: Strength

40 minutes strength + 10 minutes to mobilize (stretch, roll, release)


STRONG by Zumba®

​Combines high intensity interval training with the science of Synced Music Motivation. 


Packs a challenging total-body workout into 30 minutes.



A cardio and strength training circuit style class - fill of variety to keep your muscles guessing. Indoor/outdoor class. 


Category: Strength & Cardio

This class is the ultimate in interval training and fat burning - short bouts of work followed by a brief rest period for fast results. Full Body Workout.

Tabata’s, E.M.O.M.’s and A.M.R.A.P.’s

Making use of different time patterns to distract you from the hard work this full body workout is.


Upper Sculpt

Category: Strength

Upper body circuit (little rest, big result)

Warm Yang/Yin

The Yang practice is to strengthen, energize, and create heat in the body. The Yin style of long-held passive poses will focus on gently opening connective tissue of the lower spine, hips, and pelvis. All levels. Temperature 25 - 27 degrees. 

Yoga Flow

This class will focus on flowing from pose to pose, linking movement with breath while building a slow internal heat in the body.



We take the "work" out of workout by mixing low- and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. 



25 minutes lower body challenge 25 minutes upper body burn, strength and stamina. 



A blend of flow style and held poses to encourage connective tissue work and release.