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Ten Weeks


Fourteen Weeks



Hey I'm Rachelle! I have my ISSA certification and am a specialist in Sports Nutrition. I am also a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer.


Each plan includes an initial consultation to give me the tools to determine the appropriate plan of action. A second consultation will be used to discuss your new meal plan; this includes weight and measurements. There will be at least one check-in per month to touch base, these can be more frequent if requested. At the end of your plan, we will meet to assess your overall progress and success!

Customized Nutrition and Meal Plans

The best way to reach your goals is through a personalized plan designed to fit your individual goals and lifestyle. Each plan is custom made to your needs, goals, and body type. 

This is not a diet. This is finding the appropriate balance in nutrition for you and your body. This means you will not see ridiculous restrictions on your calorie, fat, or carbohydrate intake. Your meal plan will be made to keep you satisfied while giving your body the energy and nutrients you need to thrive. 

This is about you! Your life, your goals, and your determination. Our job is to make a plan that works for you! 

Balanced Body by Rachelle

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